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The Occupation’s Over, The Fight Goes On.

We left the LTB at 11.30 this morning, after 21 hours in occupation. We made certain that flyers and information about the fightback accross the country were distributed to all students going to lectures at the LTB today, and then withdrew to discuss the best course of action for tonight’s meeting of Colchester Against The Cuts.

Occupied Essex activists will be at the COLCHESTER AGAINST THE CUTS meeting tonight at 7.30 pm, at the Odd One Out pub near Colchester Town station. A delegation will be meeting at Wivenhoe station to take the 7.15pm train if you want to travel with us!


8.30 am! Join us join us join us!

Roll on down to the LTB at 8.30 (or before and come in for breakfast), get involved in the day’s festivities, join the fight against fees!


Not here tonight? Join us in the morning!

Hey everyone! Anyone who can be at the LTB for 8.30, please come! We won’t leave until something changes!


After a dissatisfying meeting with the Vice CHancellor this evening, we have voted to remain in occupation of the LTB overnight.

We ask all students who have lectures here tomorrow to join with us in our fight against the cuts – at university and national level.

Please spread the word – there will be no lectures in LTB6 tomorrow!


At 5pm today, Essex Vice Chancellor Colin Riordan will attend a meeting of the Occupied Essex Lecture Block!


Rumour has it that Essex Vice Chancellor Colin Riordan will be attending our 5pm planning meeting! If true, this is our first chance to get our demands met! If you can get to Essex LTB6 (Colchester Campus) at five o’clock tonight, come on down and represent!


Come and join us in LTB 6, Colchester Campus, at 5pm to discuss logistics, getting the message out and planning what’s next for the FREE UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX Occupation against Cuts and Fee-Rises.